Mortuorial Eclipse-The Aethyrs Call-2012-GRAVEWISH

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Artist: Mortuorial Eclipse
Album: The Aethyrs’ Call
Track Name: Submission
Genre: Black Metal
Released: 2012-00-00
Tracks: 8
Format: MPEG Audio
Bitrate: 217 Kbps
NR Album Track Title Artist Time
1 The Aethyrs’ Call The Summoner’s Procession Mortuorial Eclipse 1m3s
2 The Aethyrs’ Call Advent of a Sinister Omen Mortuorial Eclipse 4m31s
3 The Aethyrs’ Call Crepuscular Necromantic Visions Mortuorial Eclipse 5m55s
4 The Aethyrs’ Call Perpetual Covenant Mortuorial Eclipse 1m0s
5 The Aethyrs’ Call At the Gates of the Marduk’s Shrine Mortuorial Eclipse 4m23s
6 The Aethyrs’ Call Brotherhood of the Serpent Mortuorial Eclipse 5m5s
7 The Aethyrs’ Call Orion’s Progeny Mortuorial Eclipse 4m51s
8 The Aethyrs’ Call Submission Mortuorial Eclipse 2m58s

Size: 58M