Peter Case-Wig-2010-ERP

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Artist: Peter Case
Album: Wig
Track Name: House Rent Party
Genre: Rock
Released: 2010-00-00
Tracks: 12
Format: MPEG Audio
Bitrate: 231 Kbps
NR Album Track Title Artist Time
1 Wig Banks Of The River Peter Case 5m8s
2 Wig Dig What You’re Puttin’ Down Peter Case 4m47s
3 Wig House Rent Jump Peter Case 3m18s
4 Wig New Old Blue Car Peter Case 3m36s
5 Wig Look Out! Peter Case 3m30s
6 Wig Thirty Days In The Workhouse Peter Case 2m48s
7 Wig Ain’t Got No Dough Peter Case 3m50s
8 Wig My Kind Of Trouble Peter Case 4m25s
9 Wig Somebody Told The Truth Peter Case 4m25s
10 Wig The Words In Red Peter Case 3m31s
11 Wig Colors Of Night Peter Case 3m25s
12 Wig House Rent Party Peter Case 3m32s

Size: 79M