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Plot: Surf & Turf round: Surf: Poison Beach Ball Rampage–Teams in the pool must get rid of the “”poison”” beach balls on their side of a volleyball net by knocking them over to the other side using flippers on the hands. Red trounces Blue 14-6. Turf: Beach Ball Balancing Beach Hop–Two players from each team get into a hula-hoop together and carry a beach ball down a course without using their hands. The other players try to bombard the opposition with various objects. Meanwhile, the beach balls get progressively smaller each trip the teams make. Did we hear a bit of profanity from Natalia? Red wins 5-4.
Sight-seeing scavenger hunt: 1. Perform a reggae song about the opposing team. 2. Find the person with the longest dreadlocks–Blue finds some artificial ones, but Red comes across a man with locks of almost knee-length! 3. Find people who have travelled the furthest–Red finds folks from Manchester, England, which is further away than Blue’s tourists from Portugal. 4. Act out a s

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